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Mergers & Acquisitions

DataRoomZ is your M&A Sell-Side Solution

Parties involved with asset sales and M&A transactions must manage, examine and share complex, detailed records. To protect businesses and comply with stringent regulations, the owners of these records must take all appropriate steps to control the disclosure of these records.

Merger & Acquisition participants have historically created physical M&A data rooms to house and produce documents and to monitor the use and examination of these documents. As a result, only one prospective acquirer could access the merger and acquisition information at a given time.

Accounting Industries

Reduce M&A Travel, Logistics & Expenses

The complexities of these M&A transactions, combined with growing requirements of transparency, audit, shortened transaction cycles and, in the case of an asset sale, the ability to create a larger bidding party to maximize asset values have clearly demonstrated the inadequacies of accepted paper-based business processes and traditional merger and acquisition data rooms.

Our DataRoomZ document repository solution enables our clients to provide access to due diligence materials to any number of prospective buyers in disparate locations simultaneously on a parallel basis within a secure, controlled, online Merger & Acquisition virtual data room.