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the family office vault
A centralized, secure data vault that protects your family’s most sensitive documents.


Every wealthy family needs an encrypted system through which they may carefully provide their advisors with the right level of access to data such as bank statements, NDAs, due diligence reports, and contracts. The Family Office Vault allows families to control who can view, print, and download different files and groups of data files with their extended family members, attorneys, CPA, insurance agent, investment consultant, and other advisors or virtual family office team members.

The Family Office Vault is a centralized, secure document repository that provides granular access only to those approved parties inside and outside the family.


Family Office Cyber Security

dataroomzProprietary document repositories often feature all-or-nothing security – that is, a user either has permission to access the entire document vault and all of its contents, or none of it. At best, a user may be granted access permissions on the directory level. The Family Office Vault solves this problem by providing multi-tier file access permission levels.  This feature enables administrators to control access at the individual file level, if desired. In addition, secure document sharing permission can be granted with different levels of access so users can be permitted to view, but not print files, or to upload files, but not delete them.

Another important security-related feature of the Family Office Vault is the ability to enable access by outside parties. Document repositories are collaborative by definition; so, it is not uncommon for external stakeholders to require access to a company’s internal knowledge base. Understandably, IT staffs are generally reluctant to allow non-employees to access their servers, and as a result, document repositories are sometimes stored outside a company’s firewall. Virtual data rooms provide high levels of security while enabling easy access by any authorized party, which facilitates easy collaboration on projects, communication between multiple stakeholders, and a better user experience.

Family Office Vault


Consumer File Sharing Programs

(Dropbox, ICloud, Google Drive, etc.)

  • Access to servers is controlled 24/7/365
  • Comply with regulatory authorities governance and requirements
  • Support for multiple users and advanced reporting
  • Allows for data encryption and watermarking
  • Restrict who can view, copy and save documents
  • Uploaded Information is never sold or shared
  • Assures that uploaded information never has unauthorized access
  • Creates archives of all uploaded data and document access
  • Employees could compromise security of sensitive information
  • Not designed to handle specific document sharing processes such as due diligence
  • Limitations to reporting functionality and ability to track information access and changes
  • Inability to determine who deleted folders/files and no process to recover deleted items
  • Limited infrastructure with no print, save or transfer controls
  • Data security may be compromised by the host viewing documents for advertising purposes
  • Hosting companies may be able to have some control and licensing rights over uploaded documents
  • Not able to determine document access by whom

the family office vault

dataroomz pricing

The Family Office Vault is available in three convenient packages:

  1. Bronze Package – 5 gigabytes of shared data. Ideal for small single family offices as a central repository to securely store many documents.
  2. Silver Package – 10 gigabytes of shared data. The silver package is well positioned for larger family offices. This package includes one data room and multiple folders and subfolders. This package includes DRM features to secure the most sensitive documents. Extra data rooms are available for just an additional $1,000 per year.
  3. Gold Package – 20 gigabytes of shared data. This package is ideal for large family offices or multi-family offices. This package includes 10 data rooms that allows for many moving documents and involved parties. If more data rooms are needed we also offer a Platinum package with up to 50 data rooms for just $9,500 per year.

To view a sample of the Family Office Vault, please click the link below and add “vault” for the username and password

sample data room

Username: vault
Password: vault

If you have any questions about The Family Office Vault, please feel free to reach out at 212-729-5067.