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DataRoomZ Is Your Solution for Raising Business Capital

Virtual data rooms for raising capital

Our Virtual Data Rooms eliminate the need for printing, numbering and shipping due diligence materials.

Debt Financing:

Any company looking to raise capital is required to supply potential investors and lenders with relevant due diligence materials. Often times the information requested is highly confidential and should be made available in stages, rather than all at once. The utilization of DataRoomZ security level feature will allow you to separate documents into different categories of confidentiality. General information may be uploaded at a level 1, however detailed financial statements may only be released to qualified individuals further along in the due diligence process. DataRoomZ allows you to pitch the offering to hundreds of potential investors and lenders at the same time thus saving time and ensuring you get the best deal possible. Learn more…

Pipe Investment:

DataRoomZ Virtual Data Rooms offers a secure solution for Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) electronic delivery. A DataRoomZ Virtual Data Room can be completely assembled and ready to go within an hour. We eliminate the hassle and cost of printing, numbering and FedExing documents. Our solution allows you to approach hundreds of potential investors simultaneously. Administrators are provided with the ability to run Regulation Compliant Audit Reports that document when the PPM was delivered to each investor. Allow DataRoomZ to make raising business capital quicker, simpler and more secure. Learn more…

Private Placement Memo:

DataRoomZ makes it easy to assemble and distribute Private Place Memorandum’s (PPM) to accredited investors. With our solution, administrators have the ability to upload the PPM as well as any other supporting information. This may include business plans, audio and video clips, PowerPoint presentations, news articles and other due diligence materials. Our proprietary audit tracking reports keep a record of who has accessed the files, what they have accessed, when they accessed and the IP address of where the files were accessed. DataRoomZ Secure File Sharing Technology and Document Repositories can save you considerable amounts of time and money by eliminating the need for printing, numbering, shipping and reporting. Learn more…