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Undo File Sharing

V-Rooms Undo Button

Did you accidentally share a confidential document with the wrong person?

A split second after pressing send on an email, you noticed that you sent the document to the wrong person by mistake. DataRoomz’ UNDO™ feature prevents these types of mistakes before it’s too late.


With DataRoomz UNDO™ feature, you are able to revoke a users’ access to a document, even after it has been downloaded to their computer or mobile device!

Users will no longer have access to the document… no opening, no deleting, no sharing… nothing.

Concerns with Sharing Information over Email?

Email is not secure or encrypted. Important information is transmitted across unsecure connections in plain text. Emails and attachments can be easily copied or intercepted by hackers

  • Unacceptable security, compliance and information governance risks
  • Many secure e-mail enhancements and add-ons aren’t designed for easy external communications.

A DataRoomZ with our UNDO Feature Allows You To:

  • Control who sees or prints the documents
  • Control access to documents after they have been shared
  • Generate an audit trail of who has accessed the system or documents
  • Quickly share a large number of documents
  • UNDO™ Document access post-download