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DataRoomZ Virtual Data Rooms for Conferences

Virtual data rooms for conferences


  • $5,000 plus $1 per projected attendee
  • Duration: Now until 3 months after conference
  • For example: $6,000 for a 1,000 person conference

Attendee Benefits

  • Better Extended Conference Experience – Attendees will have access to conference material and be able to upload paperwork before, during and after the event.
  • Access Speaker Bios, PowerPoint Presentations, Video Recordings and a calendar of events
  • Access Detailed Sponsor/Exhibitor material

Speaker Benefits

  • Controlled, Watermarked distribution of presentations
  • Ability to upload presentations at the last minute

Association Benefits

  • Trackable distribution of conference material
  • Ability to sell ads in virtual conference room
  • Login can be hosted on Association website
  • Charge full price admission as soon as attendees register
  • Dramatically reduce printing expenses for presentations

Sponsor/Exhibitor Benefits

  • Exposure before, during and after conference
  • Provide contact info of all items requested from virtual room
  • Logo and branding exposure
  • Can participate at Sponsor Premium Package level

DataRoomZ, a division of Due Diligence Online, LLC, is an Internet-based, on-demand document management, document repository and file hosting service designed to speed the completion of financial transactions. Our virtual data rooms enable worldwide clients on a 24/7/365, to accelerate complex, information-intensive business transactions and processes. Our document repositories reduce the time and expenses associated with data distribution, courier, printing and travel.