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Data Room Website Integration

V-Rooms Integration

Access your Data Room from Your Website

Your company has chosen its logo, colors and message very carefully. Branding is your company’s message to the world about who your business is and what you stand for. Your virtual data room should be one more avenue that broadcasts that message.

A DataRoomZ Virtual Data Room gives you that option. You don’t always have to log in to your data room from our website. You can add our login frame to your website!

Our virtual data rooms are also fully customizable for your brand and the message you want to share. If you want a color match for your data room to your logo or to display the logo of both parties in a transaction, our Client Care Specialists are available to tailor a room to your needs.

We also offer a unique function for your room called ‘The Home Page.’ This is where you can share exportable announcements and important dates with users.


If you want to take customization one step further, you can have the log in frame for the virtual data room embedded in your website. You can also specify the web page or message you would like users to see when they log out.