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DataRoomZ is your Restructuring Solution

Bankruptcy SOlutions

Our DataRoomZ Virtual Data Rooms are used to assemble and process the vast amounts of information typically associated with corporate bankruptcy or restructuring efforts. Our web-based managed data solutions help bankruptcy trustees, corporations, legal teams, restructuring advisors, attorneys and creditors meet project milestones and prepare key deliverables for any number of constituencies and their groups.

The key to managing the complex, business-critical information associated with a bankruptcy, restructuring or distressed asset sale is making the right information available to the right parties at the right time. DataRoomZ Virtual Data Rooms provide this capability in a secure and economical fashion.

When bankruptcy trustees, attorneys or restructuring experts typically arrive on the scene, critical documents such as contracts, financial information, and lease agreements may be scattered geographically across the organization. Some paper-based and others in electronic files may be buried in moving boxes, filing cabinets, employees’ desks and computers in various locations.

Speed is of the essence. Rapidly assembling this information into a secure central document repository is crucial in preserving and recovering assets or in developing the restructuring plan. The various parties who need this information should be focusing on management and execution… not on searching for information.

How a DataRoomZ Virtual Data Room Saves Time and Money

A privately held biotechnology company in Pennsylvania, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy court protection and had a very short time to sell its assets. Using a DataRoomZ Virtual Data Room, the company conducted a successful auction of its assets in less than four weeks. Using the audit reports, they were able to track in real time parties who had been granted access to the data room, when they logged into the system, and which documents they reviewed. They were able to quickly identify and negotiate terms with interested, qualified parties.

Our affordably priced DataRoomZ Virtual Data Room solution provides a secure, Internet-based repository for managing the exchange of critical information and gives the appropriate parties controlled access to information on a “need to know” basis.

Distressed Real Estate Sales – Accelerate the marketing, due diligence and transaction document execution phases for commercial real estate transactions. Streamline document exchange and review, while ensuring that all authorized parties have immediate access to the most recent versions. Share information securely with investors, attorneys, trustees, lenders, and potential buyers. These authorized users can view and retrieve the most up-to-date versions of documents on demand from any computer with an Internet connection to quickly close deals.

Central Repository of Corporate Documents – Creation of a centralized virtual repository of documents and files benefits the trustees, advisors, creditors and company officers by saving them time and money. The time and costs associated with the delivery of printed documents to each of these parties is prohibitive. It is likely that most debtors have multiple locations with numerous contracts and agreements having been issued at each location. Often these electronic and paper-based documents are stored in individual filing cabinets or in employees’ desks/computers. The rapid assembly of this information into an organized structure inside a virtual data room is essential to keep the process moving forward.

Sell-Side Virtual Data Room – The most common area in the bankruptcy context where a virtual data room is used is for the sale of either individual assets of the debtor or perhaps the entire corporation. This is a sell-side virtual data room where the seller and its advisors convert all the necessary paper documents into digital files and then upload them into an Internet-based virtual due diligence room, to be made available to numerous potential global buyers in an auction format. There is no longer a need to rent a physical data room space and have paper documents available for due diligence review by potential bidders. Using the program’s email notification and user document upload features, even the actual bidding may take place within the DataRoomZ Virtual Data Room.

Transaction Document Collaboration – The management of the development, editing, revision and execution of dozens of transaction documents between multiple parties in a normal deal is laborious and time consuming. For bankruptcy and restructuring situations the rapid execution of these documents is critical. Providing the most recent version of all documents in one place also saves time and money by eliminating the need to send documents by overnight mail or courier.

Litigation Preparedness – With DataRoomZ you have the ability to create and manage folders for witnesses, depositions, demonstratives, pleadings and motions. DataRoomZ provides the capacity to limit access to those folders and files on a ‘need to know’ basis. Since multiple parties need access to certain information, it is essential to store these documents outside the firm’s firewall. This is due to the IT expense and potentially dangerous practice of giving outside counsel to have access to the law firm’s servers. Entire controlled document sets are instantly available, day or night, in the office or out, up and through a war room (trial room) experience.