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DataRoomZ as a Business Continuity Solution

Ensure your critical projects stay on track when illness, man-made disasters, or natural disasters like hurricanes, floods or power outages happen.

Our DataRoomZ Work-From-Anywhere Solution is an economical, secure form of cloud computing and can be set-up and fully functional within a few hours. Our document repository provides an excellent platform for securely storing, retrieving and managing confidential information.

We use the same encryption technology employed in online banking. Proprietary documents can be accessed over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, access to individual documents, folders, or libraries can be controlled on a per-user basis.


One of the primary challenges in supervising a virtual workforce in a work-from-anywherehome environment is determining who is working on what… and at what pace. Using the tracking/audit features of our program, management is able to view the activity of each document or file… down to when and who downloaded it from the document repository and when it was modified and re-uploaded. Knowing the exact time, to the minute, of this activity provides much needed feedback to company management of work productivity.

A Work-From-Anywhere Document Production and Collaboration Solution

Projects of any size can generate a lot of documents. Almost every project is worked on by more than one person, and the documents that make up the project often need to be shared with stakeholders both inside and outside the organization. Simply emailing files containing confidential information back and forth is a risky and ineffective stopgap solution, and generic file sharing programs like Dropbox and Google Drive do not provide heightened access controls, security or accountability.

Our DataRoomZ Business Continuity Solution can be set-up and fully functional within a few hours and provide an excellent platform for storing, retrieving, and using document-based data within the enterprise — a perfect solution for enabling business continuity during a time of increased absenteeism.