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Virtual data rooms for import export

Secure Online Documentation Exchange and Repository

The Better Document Repository

DataRoomZ provides an excellent document exchange and repository platform for creating, storing, retrieving, and using document-based data within organizations. The DataRoomZ program has features that enable companies to store documents in an organized way, using the same encryption technology used in online banking. Locating documents is also made easier with search, sorting, and filtering capabilities. Documents can be accessed online 24 x 7, with access to documents, folders or libraries controlled on a per-user basis.


Document and Recordkeeping Requirements

Recordkeeping requirements for products imported to or exported from the United States are subject to a complex array of governmental regulations. For exported products, there are requirements to keep export records for five years from the date of export. At any time during that period, US governmental agencies may inspect these records whenever they deem necessary and have the option to cite an exporter that fails to have or to produce requested records.

Prepare for the Audit Request

The assembly of documents for an audit request can be daunting, particularly if a company does not have a systematic method of filing documentation records. The effective management of records requires integrating records management into company business processes as a critical function. Companies need a coordinated strategy, implemented company-wide, that will promote the effective management of company records to ensure that they can be located and are available for as long as required.

Centralized Documentation Repository

With rapid advances in information and communication technology, particularly in the area of email traffic and electronic transactions, the implementation of a centralized electronic documentation repository is the solution for company recordkeeping and knowledge management. Companies are facing a changing business environment where the management of overwhelming volumes of information and records is critical and traditional hard-copy methods for managing records has become outmoded.

Pricing is what sets DataRoomZ apart from our other virtual data room competitors. Our packages start at $99 per month. Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward so you know exactly what you are paying for with no surprises.