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DataRoomZ is your PPM Distribution Solution

Raising Business Capital

Use our DataRoomZ Virtual Data Rooms solution to inform hundreds of potential qualified investors with information such as an Executive Summary, Power-Point Presentation, CEO Audio/Video, Photos, etc.

Then assign potential investors a unique username and give access to the PPM and the additional levels of due diligence information… while tracking each document they review.

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$995 / Quarter – 7 day free Trial

  • Meet SEC and FINRA Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Invite an Unlimited Number of Potential Investors
  • Accredited Investor Verification Repository
  • Keep Due Diligence Information Secure
  • Include Audio/Video Presentations
  • 500 MB of Data Storage
  • 24/7 Client Support

The Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) provides investors with the prescribed data they will need to make investment decisions and includes the actual documentation to effect the investment transaction. PPMs are designed as a stand-alone document, meaning that there need not be other information presented to the investors for them to make accurate investment decisions.

However, many companies include their business plans, audio/video clips, PowerPoint presentations, news articles and other due diligence materials, along with the PPM as supporting documentation. This is an acceptable practice so long as the information in these documents properly corresponds with the information in the PPM, and that the investor is made aware that the supporting documents alone do not constitute an offer to sell securities, only the PPM can make that offer.