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DataRoomZ is your Private Investment
in Public Equity (PIPE) Solution

Accounting Industries

Raise Business Capital

DataRoomZ Virtual Data Rooms offers a secure solution for Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) electronic online delivery. Our virtual data room technology offers branding customization with your organization’s name, logo and colors, as well as, the ability to embed the data room login frame within your website. Our online application requires no additional software downloads or add-ons and is easy to use and administer. With DataRoomZ you can have your data room set-up and ready to launch an hour.

Quality. Security. Confidentiality.

With today’s screen capture technology, nothing is safe from printing and saving despite the document’s security. DataRoomZ Virtual Data Rooms has addressed this issue with a Dynamic Confidential Watermark, which stamps each page with the investor’s username, given name, date and time of access and IP Address. Such measures discourage copying and sharing of documents and all file activity is logged in your data room reports.

Real-Time Access

Eliminate the hassle of printing, numbering and FedExing documents. Approach hundreds of potential investors simultaneously. With an accredited investor on the phone, assign a unique username and password for immediate PPM delivery. As an administrator, you are provided with Regulation Compliant Audit Reports that documents when the PPM was delivered to each investor.

Allow us to make raising Business Capital quicker, simpler and more secure.

Raise Capital Fast… 5 Quick Tips

  • Upload the General Information Folder contents, i.e. information that is not highly confidential such as an Executive Summary, Business Plan, Power-Point Presentation, Audio/Video, and Photos.
  • Email potential investors using a generic username providing access only to the “General Information” folder.
  • Activate blocks of unique Usernames and Passwords for each of your Representatives for issuance to each accredited investor, allowing each investor to download their watermarked copy of the PPM.
  • Increase the potential investor’s Security Access Level at any time to allow access to additional due diligence materials, such as Financial, Legal, and Corporate information. This is especially important for institutional investors.
  • View the User Tracking Reports to confirm receipt of the PPM and to determine who is really interested in meeting your capital needs.