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DataRoomZ is your Fund Raising Solution

Fund Raising

Venture Capital and Angel Networks must manage and share vast amounts of data in support of their equity investments, fund raising and portfolio management activities. In the case of Angel Networks, the ability to effectively distribute investment opportunities to its members is often hindered by time and distance challenges.

Sometimes the most interested Angel Investor either loses the opportunity to review an early stage investment or the information they receive is incomplete or late in its distribution. For Institutional Venture Firms the ability to review an investment opportunity is often diminished. As a result, the information received from companies seeking capital investment is often unstructured and undisciplined resulting in “time sinks” in the ability to conduct a thorough review of the investment opportunity.

By utilizing the DataRoomZ Secure Document Sharing solution, Venture and Angel investors simplify and accelerate the initial review and due diligence processes, simultaneously reducing investment cycle time and expenses.

The DataRoomZ Virtual Data Room solution would significantly enhance the current methodology of deal origination, review and due diligence for Venture firms and Angel Network members with its ability to securely capture, publish and distribute pre-investment decision related data and information. One example would be for the association to immediately distribute investment opportunities to its members via our platform. With the ability to rapidly, sort and index, members would be provided with “snapshot” investment information to glean interest and utilize the virtual room to support additional due diligence requirements.

For Venture and Angel Investors, the ability to confidentially and effectively syndicate future and existing portfolio investments is streamlined through the use of our DataRoomZ Virtual Data Room solution.